In the Rockpile: Rockies are laying some wood

Carlos Gonzales
Carolos Gonzalez's bat is aiding in the Rockies' rejuvenation. (Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

It has been awhile since the Rockies had multiple players over the .300 mark. As a matter of fact, it has been far too long. If there has been just one place to point the finger for blame, it has been the batting department. Sometimes, though, a ray of sunshine pokes through the thick, gloomy clouds of defeat.

Troy Tulowitzki, Todd Helton and Eliezer Alfonzo are all pulling the team up statistically as of late, with Carlos Gonzalez racing up from behind, competing to make it four Rockies finally batting over .300.

What isn’t being consistently laid on the field is the wood, but the bats are pretty convincing when they get going. The problem is the Rockies are too up and down. There isn’t consistency, except in inconsistency. The only thing they’ve been consistent at lately is, unfortunately, losing guys to the DL.

How do you break a vicious cycle in a division where, if you could win games more consistently, you could actually sneak in and steal playoff hopes from two teams? Two teams that have proved to be more enduring than the Rockies. There have been points during the Rockies’ season where they are metaphorically too busy chasing their own tail, that they didn’t take notice that San Francisco was within reach if they could only have played two weeks of good, full-effort, big-boy baseball.

The answer could be that they need to rally. There are tons of movies, some even about sports, with really good rally lines or speeches. The Rockies need to have a rallying speech. It was in the 2004 blockbuster Troy, where Brad Pitt’s “Achilles” rallied his Myrmidons — the most badass rowing team, ever — with the ultimate Whatcha gonna do?!

“Do you know what’s waiting beyond that center-field wall? Immortality! Take it! It’s yours!”

Ok, so the city of Troy didn’t have a center-field wall, but that line would have fit in nicely in the summer blockbuster (contract), Troy … (Tulowitzki). That would be a fine rallying line, maybe they should get behind that … at least until the end of the season in a month-and-a-half.

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