In the Rockpile: Rockies owner’s comments are PR disaster

Does Colorado Rockies owner Dick Monfort really think he's saying all the right things? (Ernest Luning/The Colorado Statesman)

The last few days, there must have been a calling for Colorado Rockies ownership to come out and make a statement. That calling may be one that Dick Monfort will live to regret answering.

The owner has spoken and his message has been one of “patience,” “fairness” and “courage.” Obviously, he has been watching President Obama’s campaign ads, because they both advocate the same things. Problem is Obama is electable by vote and Monfort is here to stay. For those who complain about Obama, at least you have a shot at electing a leader every four years.

The comments the last few days from the Rockies’ owner have been poorly handled and are inherently obvious that the owner is the source of the company line and will issue the same twice reheated excuses: “have patience,” “we think we can shake this,” “things will work out.”

Like Obama, Monfort is willing to go out of his way to subsidize poor performance by allowing it to continue unhindered. Monfort has channeled his inner FDR (another Democrat) by saying the the buck stops with me.” If that is the case, then why are you allowing your money to be poorly spent? To that same end, fan money is being poorly spent not only by the club, but by the fans themselves. The right wing of politics is always banging the drum for better government spending, and Rockies fans should do the same when it comes to the home team.

“Everyone is doing their jobs.” If everyone could just show up for work and go through the motions, then nothing would advance. Innovation will bring success, but ineptness merely perpetuates mediocrity, or worse. This statist message by the owner is uninspiring to fans, yet can only be matched by an abstaining of attendance.

A free market allows for consumers to decide its direction by using the power of the dollar. The consumer holds a vote with their buying power much the same as citizens hold the power to vote for their leaders. The only way the front office will get a clue is if the fans stop showing up. I’m not saying that attendance will dry up, but if it can significantly dip, the sentiment of the fans will be heard in the lightness of the end-of-season haul.

Like the mafia bosses back East in Casino, someone will inquire as to why the profits are light, then somebody gets whacked in a field and buried alive.

I’m not smart enough to know who is to blame. Then quit or let someone else do it for you.

I’ve never worked in a business where only one person was to blame.” Fall guys are well-documented in history.

I even sent him an e-mail inquiring his reaction to the post-interview fallout: “Never saw the interview, but I had a couple of texts from people that said it was good. Not sure what crisis you are talking about.”

That is out of touch.

His comments of late have only furthered the idea that if you can’t fix it, or are unwilling to, then you need to get the hell out of the way. Sell the team if you are content with watching the ship sink while it is still tied to the pier.

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