Jason Heyward is starting and Jose Constanza is benched? Oh My!

jose constanza
Some will say Jose Constanza is better than Heyward.

Why is everyone acting like Gonzalez is making the worst decision of the season by going with Jason Heyward down the stretch?

It’s not that far fetched folks. It’s not as crazy  as it seems.

According to most knowledgable baseball writers, scouts, and managers, I believe Heyward is better than Jose Constanza.

You’re asking, “Why are you writing this?”

In my post earlier today, a person commented this:

they need to trade Lowe and Heyward. Heyward has the biggest ego. He doesn’t dive for the ball and when it gets away from him, he trots after it. That is on the defensive side, now for offensive, he seems to be getting some hits now but where has he been all year? Oh yeah that’s right with an injury and he isn’t even all the way through his sophomore year. Send him back to the minors and give Constanza a shot.

Lowe doesn’t even get an explanation, you have seen his pitching lately.

… and then he recently finished with this after battling it out with others …

ok you are still talking about offense, but what about defense? Heyward sucks at defense, he can catch pop ups and fly balls, any baseball player can do that, but he doesn’t make any spectacular plays. Just like Gonzalez, he is an awesome defensive player with a so-so bat, that is what Constanza is, awesome defense, plus he can get on base with a bunt, HELLO better than Heyward!

Yes, this is a small sample of the Braves population but I’ve seen it all over Twitter as well.

Let just take a look at the two, historically.

Jason Heyward’s minor league stats:

2007172 Teams2 LgsRkATL1248434135016139.302.354.488.84321
2008182 Teams2 LgsA-A+ATL127533471911492961156155178.316.381.473.854223
2009193 Teams3 LgsA+-AA-AAAATL99422362691172541763105151.323.408.555.963201
4 Seasons240101088216528060102912526106139.317.390.507.897447
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 9/19/2011.

And let’s examine our boy Jose Constanza:

2005212 Teams2 LgsA–ACLE87392342398855024264352.257.346.301.647103
2006222 Teams2 LgsA+-ACLE12051243486134209236397280.309.410.410.820178
7 Seasons7433164278245480878436231233317414.290.364.356.720990
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 9/19/2011.

Finished yet?

Are you seeing anything glaring? I don’t see anything other than SB category that Constanza has Heyward beat in. Nothing that would signify that Constanza is the better player, offensively.


We all know their current stats but maybe you don’t know that Heyward has a .455 OBP in his last 12 games and batting .286. Constanza is slumping ever since his ankle injury, but he hasn’t had that much action.

For the sake of the Braves future, keep playing Heyward, he’ll come around.

Everyone else agree?



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