Join TTFB fantasy baseball leagues! Open now!

It’s that time of the year again! TTFB steps it up this year by adding eight new leagues that pay out $20 to each winner! Each league is a different format to attract even the wildest fantasy baseball players. Only one email address per league. If we catch the same person doing multiple leagues, that person will be removed from all leagues. So, without further ado …

You will need to click here to get started (come back to this page!). From there:

  • Click Join A League
  • Log in using your Yahoo!, Facebook or Google account
  • Left hand side where you see Accept Invite, input the below credentials of the league of your choice.
  • Voilà! Entered!

Pretty easy, huh? Hurry, because they will fill fast.

So, which league do you want to play? All drafts are live and times are PDT. (If you can’t make it, your team is auto-picked.) Once the league fills up, we’ll note it next to each league.

TTFB National League, TTFB American League, TTFB Conference League, TTFB Singles League are all drafted/full.

TTFB Division League – Draft: March 27th – 8PM – Hall of Shame (Worst teams wins!)
League ID: 62774 — Password: ttfbdl

TTFB Homers League – Draft: March 25 – 8PM – Homers (Just the long ball!)
League ID: 62797 — Password: ttfbhl

TTFB Wins League – Draft: March 22 – 5:15PM – Head-to-Head One Win
League ID: 62813 — Password: ttfbwl

TTFB Finals League – Draft: March 19 – 4:15PM – Total Points
League ID: 62823 — Password: ttfbfl

If a league fills up or you want more leagues, be sure to join additional teams with the number-one fantasy baseball site on the web!

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