Philadelphia Phillies consider adding Delmon Young

The Phillies may be interested in Delmon Young at the right price. (Dave Reginek/Getty Images)

While most news out of Philadelphia regarding sports has centered on the Eagles’ new football coach, it appears the Phillies want to grab some headlines, too.

It looks like the Phillies may not be done looking for some outfield help after all. Even though general manager Ruben Amaro stated earlier this month he is sticking with his current outfield for the upcoming season, recent word out of Philadelphia has the Phillies strongly considering offering Delmon Young a contract.

This would not be a huge signing, like the Cliff Lee deal or the Michael Young trade, but any news to improve the team is good news for fans of the underperforming Phillies. Delmon Young would bring a much needed right-handed bat to add to the lefty-heavy middle of the lineup.

However, signing Young may be a risk the Phillies won’t take. He was the number-0ne player drafted in 2003, and for as much promise as he had, he also brought an equal amount of off-field problems. The most recent issue was last season when he yelled anti-Semitic slurs outside a restaurant in New York while visibly intoxicated.

Last season, Young batted .276 with 18 home runs and 74 RBI. On the field, he may be the missing piece. Right now, the Phillies are leaning heavily on two outfield prospects, Domonic Brown and Darin Ruf.  For the right price, I’m sure the Phillies will look past Young’s issues and perhaps give him an opportunity to rejuvenate his career, but Amaro is unlikely to commit to a player with Young’s reputation for longer than a year.

Expect many more Phillies outfield rumors in the next few weeks. The hot stove is starting to catch fire again in Philadelphia, and baseball season is right around the corner.

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