Philadelphia Phillies GM Ruben Amaro says outfield set for 2013

Darin Ruf and Domonic Brown need to mature quickly in 2013. (Yong Kim/

Philadelphia Phillies GM Ruben Amaro has reportedly declared the Phils are “going with what they got” as far as outfielders go. This comes as somewhat of a surprise since the Phillies were expected to bring in one more veteran bat (especially right-handed) in case prospects Domonic Brown and Darin Ruf underperform.

It seems the Phillies are confident that their young outfielders can do the job, however, after a lackluster 2012 by Brown, fans are still skeptical. If Brown is a huge bust again, the Phillies may underperform yet again, which is the last thing an already tired Philadelphia fan base wants to see. After the disappointment of the Philadelphia Eagles football season, a below-average performance by the baseball team might send the Phillies faithful to edge of the Ben Franklin Bridge.

For years, Brown has been viewed as the next big thing in Philadelphia. Comparisons to a young Darryl Strawberry were met with expectations that Brown, who is still very young, has not even come close to meeting. Still, there have been flashes of brilliance in Brown’s game. His arm and speed have impressed on occasion, but the consistency hasn’t been there. As for Ruf, a huge minor league year does not mean he is ready to put up similar numbers in the pros. It is true he killed the ball in the winter league, but his defense is a question mark to rely on him to be a major contributor this season.

I would still like the Phils to bring in one more veteran outfielder to play the role Juan Pierre did last season. Someone who could show these kids what it means to be a true professional, but it doesn’t look like I am going to get my wish. I guess it’s time for the kids in the Phillies organization to grow up.  If they don’t, then the summer in Philadelphia may end up being as dreary and disappointing as the winter.


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  1. Yea I am a bit surprised the Phillies didnt bring another OF in, and the guys they have are question marks. But I will say I think the bigger story line for this year will be what type of production the Phillies get at each infield position. With little from their historically two best hitters (Howard & Utley) they still got close enough to make you think they could make a run. If those two guys are healthy and produce along with Rollins and Young, we may not be to concerned with how the ? in the OF are answered.

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