Puking in the press box and other baseball memories

David Freese provided an idelible memory for St. Louis Cardinals fans last October. (ZUMApress.com)

Memories are one of the many things that makes baseball such an amazing sport, and baseball has provided many memories over the years. There are great historical moments, like Kirk Gibson’s 1988 World Series home run or David Freese‘s performance in game six of the 2011 World Series. Then there are the personal memories — special memories that we never forget, memories we’ll tell our kids and grandkids about someday.

For example, one memory I have is back when I was eight years old. I won a contest through the Louisville Bats triple-A team. My prize: I got to announce over the PA system who was leading off for the Bats in the bottom of the sixth inning. When the day finally arrived, I was so excited I gave myself a migraine. I went to the game anyway and had a pretty good time, but when the time came to go to the press box, I started feeling sick. My parents asked if I still wanted to announce, and I said yes and went up to the press box.

I was so excited when I got there — the time had finally come. I was given a piece of paper with the words I was going to say, and I was literally less than 30 seconds away from being on the PA system … and then I puked. Right there, in front of everybody, I puked my guts out. I was rushed to the bathroom and afterwards went home. I never did get to go on the PA system, sadly, but looking back on it now, I laugh at it. It’s a memory I doubt I will ever forget.

I have plenty of other baseball memories, like my first games at the old and new Busch Stadium; going to see the St. Louis Cardinals play in Washington, D.C.; seeing, in person, Albert Pujols hit his 400th career home run; and, of course, being a Cardinals fan, how could I ever forget the 2006 and 2011 World Series.

I want to hear your memories. What are some of your favorite baseball memories, historical or personal. Leave your memories in the comment box.

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