Sean Newcomb Twitter: Old Tweets Surfaced After Near No Hitter

Sean Newcomb’s Tweets Uncovered

Sean Newcomb has responded and is below.

Sean Newcomb went from on top of the world, one strike away from a no hitter against the formable Dodgers, to a Chris Taylor single past a diving Johan Camargo to break up the no no. Immediately pulled from the game after 130 plus pitches, he came to the realization that his phone was blowing up … but not from congratulations.

Josh Hader had some old tweets surface earlier this month, sent when he was 17, and MLB ordered him to do a sensitivity training program. He did appologize right away and MLB didn’t fine or punish him any further.

Newcomb is the latest professional baseball player to have his tweets uncovered. It’s unfathomable that each professional team doesn’t have a person who combs through their players twitter accounts, notifying the player on what to delete or keep, as they’re image is very important to the team. At the very least, the player’s agent should go through their player’s social media and keep it clean.

These tweets were sent from 2011 when he was in high school. A Washington Nationals fan account uncovered it. One of the posts was supposedly a song lyric.

Sean asked to meet with the media right after the game to address this head on and not let it linger.


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