Selig to Los Angeles Dodgers owner McCourt: You’re out!

Can’t say I saw this coming. But as a Dodgers fan, I’m actually looking forward to it. And as a former Hollywood resident, I’m predicting a massive amount of repercussive drama from this decision.

Former Milwaukee Brewers owner and current MLB Commissioner Bud Selig is the kind of cat that notoriously doesn’t take B.S. from anyone, especially owners. As a former owner, Selig might be the most well-respected and authoritative commissioner in all of professional sports. Well, he recently decided that Los Angeles Dodgers majority owner Frank McCourt is no longer financially (and perhaps emotionally) qualified to own the team. For now, Major League Baseball will take over as the acting managerial entity of the boys in blue. Even though this move is embarrassing for the Dodgers organization, as well as the city, it was necessary and welcomed.

McCourt’s bad fortune started early last season when his wife publicly announced she was filing for divorce. Instead of handing over her rightful share of the team’s worth, McCourt fired her from her post as co-owner. They’re still embroiled in a nasty divorce. Then, McCourt was responsible (in my humble opinion) for poor Bryan Stow’s beat-down in the Dodger Stadium parking lot after a game last month. Why was it his fault? Because he failed to hire a security administration prior to the incident. That caught Selig and MLB’s attention in a negative way. Finally, it was reported last week that McCourt had to take out a personal loan just to cover his team’s payroll. Selig saw this as the last straw and stripped the team from McCourt. Of course, McCourt will take MLB to court. But if a majority of MLB owners side with Selig — which they will most likely do to protect their own interests — and vote McCourt out, he won’t be allowed to return to baseball, the same fate bestowed on Cincinnati Reds former owner Marge Schott.

All I have to say, the New York Mets ownership group better watch out; it may be next.

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