Surprise! Edwin Rodriguez resigns as Florida Marlins manager

Well I thought that Edwin Rodriguez might feel the wrath of Jeffrey Loria this weekend, but I never expected a resignation. That’s admitting defeat. Admitting that you are the problem. From an honorable POV, you’re falling on the sword and making it easier for the team to handle your departure, which may be exactly what happened.

Another firing of a coach would have sent this team into an even further downward spiral. No word yet on the details, but stay tuned. It will be interesting to see the motivation behind the decision. Bench coach Brandon Hyde will manage the team today as an official search gets underway for a new manager.

Some of the tweets flying around about the resignation:

@mjhart: The Titanic didn’t sink this fast. #Marlins

@mountymattyice: #Marlins in panic mode right now, Edwin couldnt handle it.

@marlins4life: By the way, #Marlins win today. Beat the red hot James Shields. BOOK IT!

@KenHeinrich: Typical for an organization as pathetic as the #marlins to ask their manager to step down instead of firing him. It can always gets worse.

@Mr_driverZE1914: So glad Edwin resigned today. Or he was going to be fired by the end of the month. #Marlins

@Manny_Navarro: Beinfest said every job is on the table including his #Marlins

@jmpeltz: Anytime I think the #Marlins have maxed out at being a joke, they find new ways to top themselves. Father’s Day, really?

@joecapMARLINS: #Marlins fired Jeff Tourborg Mothers Day 2003 then won championship. What might Fathers Day resignation produce?

@ericwilkens: The #Marlins now on their 4th manager in 5 years. Consistency wins World Series, not constant turnover. I think they need Jack McKeon back.

@marlins27: #Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez resigned this morning. Can this season get worse?

@mykenk: The Marlins fired their manager AND got him to pretend it was a resignation? That’s pretty impressive. #mlb #marlins



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