The 5 Best Baseball Jerseys of All Time

One of the best things about baseball is how the crazy amount of vintage and retro jerseys allow us to celebrate the game’s past. Throwback jerseys, really, are more than simple tributes to a particular team or player. Rather, they have become popular fashion staples themselves.

Because of this, we have scoured through over 100 years of baseball uniforms to put together what we believe is the ultimate list of the 5 best baseball jerseys of all time.

We know this is very subjective, so feel free to disagree.

The 5 Best Baseball Jerseys of All Time

#1. Seattle Mariners, Trident Throwback (1977)

The Mariners introduced these royal blue and yellow jerseys that featured a trident “M” in 1977, the first season in franchise history.

So, before the white uniforms with navy blue and aqua accents that the likes of Ken Griffey Jr., ARod, Randy Johnson, Edgar Martinez, and Jay Buhner wore, the Mariners wore these unique, yet simple, jerseys that are still fashionable today.

#2. Philadelphia Phillies, Maroon Pinstripes, 1970-91

The Phillies’ old white jerseys – comprised of simple maroon pinstripes, a thicker maroon line from the bottom of the sleeve to the neck, and a differetn version of the “P” – was born in 1970.

The team wore this combination for 21 seasons, winning two pennants and one World Series.

#3. Brooklyn Dodgers, Scripted Throwback (1945)

These are, perhaps, among the most famous jerseys in baseball history and, because of this, easily makes our list of the 5 best baseball jerseys of all time.

Checking these jerseys out, you will find pinstripes, powder blue, massive sleeve patches, and even long-sleeved, checkered buttoned-down that look more like dress shirts than a baseball jersey.

#4. Houston Astros, Rainbow Throwback (1975)

best baseball jerseys of all time

There is A LOT going on with these jerseys and that is why they make our 5 best baseball jerseys of all time list.

There – simply – has NEVER been anything else quite like the Astros’ rainbow jerseys and that very uniqueness put it on this list.

The horiztonal rainbow orange is interrupted by a large star – representing the Long Star State – and is complemented by the team name on front.

The jersey also lacks the player number. Instead, it is found on the pant leg. Designed by advertising agency McCann Erickson, the uniforms were welcomed with a large degree of ridicule.

#5. Chicago Cubs, Throwback (1908)

While wearing these uniforms, the Cubs won the World Series by defeating the Tigers in five games – and then, the “Curse of the Billy Goat” struck the team and they went 108 years without another title.

That alone places it on our list of the 5 best baseball jerseys of all time.

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