The best mascot dance in baseball?

Aside from the actual game, my favorite part of attending a baseball game is the food (Primanti Brothers classic steak at PNC Park). However, I’m also a big fan of good mascots. The Pirate Parrot? Well, I’ve seen much better. Actually, I believe the best mascot in all of baseball does his magic in (Little) Washington, Pennsylvania — the mascot does his thing for the Washington Wild Things of the Frontier League.

I’m not going to make this a long post by any means, but I wanted to drop this video of the Wild Thing doing his 7th inning stretch “workout.” Unfortunately, a search of YouTube turned up very little footage of this mascot-mastery but you’ll get the idea. I used to attend Wild Things game on a regular basis (on Thursday mostly, for $1 beer and hot dog night) and used to be drawn to tears watching this mascot do his thing (of course, this could be a direct consequence of $1 beers). Nonetheless, I have placed the video below for your enjoyment. Let me know if you know of any better mascot traditions out there.

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