The Sons of Summer Baseball Book Review

The fun part of writing for a website. I’ve got to review some awesome baseball books. Some, eh, some awesome. Very few bad. It’s baseball and I love to read about it.

Recently, I got to read the book written by Michael Dault, called “The Sons of Summer”. Boy, does this bring back memories of growing up. Michael hits the nail on the head with this one. It’s not all about baseball either.

Yes the book is centered around baseball. Everything revolves around it, as it does in almost every small town in America. Baseball, baseball, baseball. I grew up in one too.

Michael goes into what I assume as an close autobiography of his life or a friend he knows. It feels that real. A lot of the book, as I said before, just brings back the past for anyone who grew up in a small town playing baseball.

Had that great baseball player in the town, just fizzle out? Check. Small town drama? Check. Dramatic, heartbreaking storylines on each character? Check. Baseball? Check. Small town, military background? Check. Happy ending? Read it for yourself.

This book, in a nutshell, is about a kid growing up in a strict military background family. He has brothers and each of them is bred baseball. There’s a lot of story lines on each brother, and without giving away too much, prepare yourself for heartbreak. The story is built around a young budding star in Jack.

Go buy the book, read it, on kindle or paperback. It’s worth it, and I really hope this gets made into a movie. You’ll see all five star reviews on amazon. Buy the book here: The Sons of Summer

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