Touring with Taylor: 31 days of “excitement” starts now

July 31, a day that represents relaxation, anticipation, possibilities, and even disappointment.

For those of you who may not realize what this day is, July 31 is the MLB trade deadline. Thus, it means for all of us minor leaguers, that until this day, there is a big possibility of us getting traded, moved up or moved down. Like anything for us here in the minors, there is a big trickle down effect from what happens at our parent-club level. Organizations that are having strong years and looking to make a playoff push are likely looking for a big leaguer to solidify their team (meaning trading minor leaguers usually). For teams looking to add some strong talent to better their team for next year, they are likely to trade for minor leaguers.

However, for us, the guys climbing the ladder, these next 31 days are filled with much unrest. It’s not that we start to question our abilities and whether we have what it takes, but rather, where we’re going to be or what we’re going to be asked to do. It doesn’t take much time at all for a move or trade to happen. I could wake up one day playing for a particular organization and go to bed that same night playing for another. On the other hand, an organization can make a trade, and the next thing I know, I can be buried under another big leaguer or an experienced veteran at a higher level.

All of these moves play a factor into my career, and as much as this is a team oriented sport, we are all here to get to the big leagues and want to take care of ourselves along the way. It is taxing on us to go through so much instability in our jobs; not knowing what is going to happen next or what we’re going to have to do next to keep moving up.  The hardest thing of all, for any of us to swallow is what if I do nothing wrong, and that just isn’t good enough.

So, I want to leave you with this: Just try to think about what we are all going through for the next 31 days — waiting until the trade deadline closes when we can all stop sleeping with one eye open. Oh yeah, we still have to show up and go to work everyday and play at our highest level, too. Please don’t think for one second, though, that I don’t love this game, because I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for anything in the world.

Happy Fourth of July to you all!

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