Touring with Taylor: Minor leaugers play vicariously in October

Greetings from Grand Rapids, MI …

The last sounds of a bat crack and glove clapping has come and gone for the 2011 minor-league season. As all of the leagues came to an end last month, it leaves all of us players (not making postseason rosters) clinging to the remainder of the season. This is the last time we will get to study hitters we aspire to face in the years to come, the last time pitchers will put their pitching arsenal on display and, most importantly, the last time that the umpire will yell “Play Ball!”

From the middle of February until the middle of September baseball is all we know. Literally, it’s eat, sleep and breathe baseball. What we do is what we dream of as little kids, and when it has to come to a stop, it is easy to find yourself yearning for more. Many fans enjoy the postseason simply because it is what it is. For myself, and countless other minor leaguers, it is the last time we get to vicariously play the game that shapes our springs and summers.

You may find yourself pondering how we could yearn for more, after 140 games, but I find that answer simple: passion. Everyone out there can relate on this note, because passion comes in all shapes and sizes. From the five-year-old in school who comes home and shares his best school tales to the retiree who came home after enjoying their favorite interest. Humans do what we do because we find them to be what keeps us moving forward. Now, I’m not saying such things define us, but merely complete us.

Thus, next time you stumble upon someone enjoying that game at your local establishment, or are sitting in your La-Z-Boy at home, think about what makes you tick. What are the things in life that make you feel whole and always leave you desiring more? It is really an interesting thought, and by no means one that only has one answer.

Feel free to leave thoughts or additions.

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