TTFB recently interviewed by MLBBlogBuzz’s Bill Miller

Recently, I conducted an on-line interview with Jamie Shoemaker, founder of the website,Through the Fence Baseball. His is a relatively new baseball website that, like ours here at, is working towards growing its fan-base.


I wanted to give Jamie a chance to tell us about his motivation for starting a new baseball website, and what his goals are for the future.  Here are his replies.


1) So why another baseball website? What was (is) your motivation?


I have a lot of passion for baseball. It’s thrilling to me. I’ve played and been around it all my life. While I was playing in college, I seemed to lose a bit of that passion, but once my career was done, it came pouring back in. Nothing is better than sitting at a game with a beer and a hot dog in my hand.


2) What are your goals for


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