TTFB recently interviewed by Raising Matt Cain

Jamie Shoemaker, founder of Through the Fence Baseball, contacted me a while back about contributing something to his site. I’m working on that part, and will let y’all know when it happens. In the meantime he “sat down” for an e-mail interview. Here are his answers to my questions:

(1) What led you to create TTFB? Tell us about your background and your connection to America’s Greatest Game.

I love baseball with a passion. I seem to never get enough of it and baseball revolves around me 24/7. I played baseball from age 7 to I graduated from college, so I’ve been around it for the better part of my life.

(2) There are a plethora of baseball websites–how do you get noticed? How will you draw people to TTFB?

To read more of this interview, click here

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