TTFB staff power rankings: Week 1

Power Rankings are done by the Through The Fence Baseball staff. For the pre-season rankings, 12 staff members weighed in their top 30 teams.

^ – Moved up in the power rankings from the previous week
* – Moved down in the power rankings from the previous week
— – Moved no where in the power rankings from the previous week

Winner: Pittsburgh Pirates – ^ 17 in this week’s power rankings

Loser: Boston Red Sox – * 26 in this week’s power rankings

WEEK # – PRE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
1Phillies1.507-2^ 1Chase who?
Rangers1.508-1^ 4The bats they are thumpin’ deep in the heart of Texas.
3Yankees4.755-4^ 1No early-season slump for Teixeira.

Reds6.756-3^ 9Votto leads the hit parade.
5Orioles7.256-3^ 16Britton pitching himself into the rotation.
6Giants7.754-5* 3New WS rings are shiny. Giants aren’t.
7White Sox7.756-3^ 2Sox lead the majors in runs scored.
8Braves9.254-6* 1Something is wrong when Uggla’s glove is better than his bat.
9Royals9.756-3^ 16Late-inning rallies have KC zooming up the charts.
10Rockies11.256-2^ 4Only starting staff in MLB without a loss — 5-0.
11Angels11.755-4^ 5And the Cy Young goes to Jered Weaver.
12Blue Jays12.255-4^ 6Yesterday Weaver, today King Felix. Jays bats continue to slumber?
13Pirates13.255-5^ 17Pirates faithful aren’t holding breath just yet.
14Brewers13.755-5* 9Narveson the fifth Brewer starter in history with a 0.00 ERA after two starts..
15Dodgers14.255-4^ 2Kemp’s bat keeps LA from sinking lower.
16Marlins17.005-4^ 3LoMo is the real deal.
17Indians17.257-2^ 11Seven in a row and counting. As Asdrubal goes, so goes the Tribe.
18A’s17.754-5* 7Bullpen looked rocky at the start, but is coming around.
19Cardinals18.253-6* 7Pujols: .143, 1 HR and 4 RBIs. Hardly contract-year production.
20Tigers18.253-6* 5 Cabrera holding up his end of the bargain.
21Twins19.003-6* 13Worst offense in MLB through week one.
22Padres22.004-4* 2Punchless Padres relying on potent pitching.
23Mets22.254-5Ike Davis is the man, and that’s the problem.
24Nationals22.254-5Can Bryce Harper develop fast enough?
25Diamondbacks23.754-4^ 4Weekend-series win over Reds has Gibby’s boys thinking positive.
26Cubs25.004-5* 4Soriano’s bat showing signs of life.
27Red Sox25.252-7* 26Indians swept them at The Jake. Nuff said.
28Astros26.752-7* 32010 late-season success seems to have disappeared.
29Rays28.751-8* 19Manny being Manny isn’t funny any more.
30Mariners28.752-7* 4My, oh my, are the Mariners bad.



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