TTFB staff preseason power rankings

Power Rankings are done by the Through The Fence Baseball staff. For the pre-season rankings, 12 staff members weighed in their top 30 teams.

WEEK # – PRE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
1Red Sox2.080-0If the staff can deliver even occasional quality starts, this run-scoring juggernaut, coupled with a deeeeep bullpen, should pull out some wins.
2Phillies2.330-0Loss of Utley knocks them down a peg.
3Giants3.250-0The pitching is again stellar, end-to-end.  But San Fran just didn’t manage to add any useful bats. Help us, Brandon Belt, you’re our only hope.
4Yankees4.920-0Simply because they have so many weapons.
5Brewers7.080-0Crew has the pitching and bats to make noise.
6Rangers8.330-0Cliff Lee, we hardly knew ya.
7Braves8.920-0Can the “Boys of Spring” turn into the “Boys of October”?
8Twins9.080-0Gardenhire regime keeps churning out winners.
9White Sox10.420-0Peavy of old needs to show up on the Southside.
10Rays11.250-0Newcomer Hellickson should more than make up for the Garza loss, and hopefully Manny and Damon provide the right kind of veteran leadership
11A’s11.330-0Psst. Texas, do you hear us knocking?
12Cardinals11.670-0Contract year should stoke the Machine.
13Reds12.550-0Repeat performance will be difficult unless pitching excels.
14Rockies12.830-0Six months of Septembers guarantees Rocktober.
15Tigers13.580-0Bound to be a strong offense, led by Miggy Cabrera.  Verlander is solid, but there are questions about the supporting cast.
16Angels14.750-0Disappointing off-season carries over.
17Dodgers15.330-0Donnie Baseball is no Joe Torre … yet.
18Blue Jays18.920-0Can Bautista repeat his HR barrage?
19Marlins19.250-0Fish won’t flounder if the kiddie corp produces.
20Padres19.250-0So close last season, so far this one.
21Orioles19.920-0Showalter has O’s thinking big.
22Cubs21.330-0Will Pena hit above the Mendoza line?
23Mets23.330-0There are many issues here, and to perform to this position they’ll need at least one of the following to stage a comeback: Beltran, Bay, or Santana.
24Nationals23.750-0We’re not Werth-y!
25Astros25.250-0This is going to be a long season in Houston.  Pence and an aging Lee stand amid the rubble of a once-proud program.  Lyles may be a bright spot.
26Mariners26.170-0On the Cust of greatness? Not.
27Royals26.330-0New season. New optimism. Same ol’ results.
28Indians26.830-0Grady’s back. And that’s about it.
29Diamondbacks27.000-0Kennedy needs to pitch to his ability, and some of the other late twenties players need to hit their primes for the D-Backs to compete.
30Pirates28.500-0If Hurdle plays, they inch up to 29.



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