Visiting Astros-Nationals Palm Beach Ballpark

I’m back.

Whew, that felt good. It’s been a long time … too long. But, I’m back. Maybe it’s because I moved to Florida – something about the sunshine, beautiful beaches and the ballpark around the corner from my house has something to do with it.

Anyway, I can’t say sorry for life; life happens. Life happens in a flash. Lots of work that needs to be done here at TTFB, and we’ll get up and running before the season starts.

Across the road from where I live is Palm Beach Ballparks, a beautiful, majestic complex that features a 6,500 seat stadium that both the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros share for games, and each team has multiple fields for practice. The side fields were open yesterday when I went, with the main complex still under construction. I happened to see a few Nationals players as they walked out of their complex after a practice.

Among the highlights were manager Dusty Baker, Trea Turner and Daniel Murphy eating with some teammates.

Here’s some pictures of my visit, enjoy!

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