What Kyle Schwarber brings to the Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies are an historic franchise with two World Series titles in 1980 and 2008 with many star players including Mike Schmidt and Ryan Howard. Since the 2008 Championship, the Phillies have attempted to win their 3rd franchise title through multiple managers and roster changes. Unfortunately, Philly gradually sank into an average team that hasn’t been to the playoffs since the 2011 postseason. At the end of the 2021 regular season, the Phillies came up short in the National League Wild Card race.

Philadelphia needs to add more talent to avoid another blown playoff opportunity. Major League Baseball (MLB) is allowing 12 teams including 6 national league teams to advance to the 2022 postseason. Now Kyle Schwarber has moved to Philadelphia with an opportunity to use his baseball skills to bring the Major League Baseball Postseason back to the City of Brotherly Love.

Kyle can improve the Phillies’ Team Batting Average and score more runs

Schwarber can boost the Phillies lineup by driving in more runs to help secure more victories. Every MLB team needs to score runs in order to win any game. Last year, Philadelphia had the 7th-best National league team with 734 runs. The Phillies need to be one of the top six National League teams to make the 2022 playoffs. Philadelphia couldn’t score any more runs by having 1,095 runners left on base (LOB). Every runner left on base is a failed opportunity to score runs that are crucial to winning any game.

A team can score 10 runs without runners while the losing team had six runs with five runners left on base. Schwarber helped the Chicago Cubs become annual title contenders by scoring 406 regular season runs. After Kyle left the Cubs, he helped the 2021 Washington Nationals and Boston Red Sox lineups by obtaining 76 runs. Any player that scores 76 runs could help your team achieve seven more victories. Schwarber can also score runs by improving the Phillies’ batting average by achieving more hits to create opportunities to score runs. Last year, the Phillies had 1,288 hits with a .240 team batting average compared to the Major League .244 average and 1,366 hits. Schwarber achieved 106 hits with a .266 batting average.

Baseball teams need hits to obtain higher batting averages that put runners on base and score any potential go-ahead runs. You can’t win any games without getting hits. Kyle is ready to boost the Phillies’ team batting average and score runs for Philadelphia!

Schwarber becomes another Philly power Hitter

Schwarber can help the Phillies’ lineup by hitting more home runs and earning more regular season victories. For example, your team might be losing 7-0 in the 8th inning and score four two-run home runs to win off an 8-run rally. In 2021, the Phillies were ranked 6th in the National League with 198 total home runs. However, Philadelphia lost 28 of those homers after outfielder Andrew McCutchen signed with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Schwarber has been a true slugger with 154 career home runs. In 2021, Schwarber hit 32 combined home runs for the Washington Nationals and the Boston Red Sox lineups. Kyle joins a team of power hitters with 1st baseman Rhys Hoskins and reigning National League MVP outfielder Bryce Harper. Harper and Hoskins hit 62 combined home runs plus Schwarber’s 32 equals 94 total home runs and 94 chances to change the direction of a game. Kyle is ready to swing for the fences and obtain more victories for Philadelphia.

Kyle adds more playoff experience

Schwarber can provide Philadelphia with the playoff experience they need to guide the Phillies toward the playoffs. The Phillies don’t have any remaining players from the 2008 World Series team and few players with playoff experience. Schwarber has strong postseason resume with a .255 career postseason BAA, nine HRs and 17 RBIs. In 2016, Kyle helped the Chicago Cubs win their 1st title in 108 years. Schwarber helped the Cubs make more postseason appearances in 2017, 2018 and 2020.

Kyle also helped the 2021 Boston Red Sox make a deep playoff run to the American League Championship Series (ALCS) by hitting three home runs, six RBIs including a grand slam against the Houston Astros. Schwarber knows how to deal with grim playoff situations and how to overcome them. The Cubs were losing the 2016 World Series rally from a three games to one deficit and rallied to win the series. The Cubs are 1 of 6 teams to make a huge championship comeback. Schwarber is ready to show the Phillies how to find scoring opportunities through the MLB postseason.

Kyle is a strong outfielder

Schwarber can also boost the Phillies’ playoff chances as another strong defender in the outfield. Kyle has provided outs and consistency to maintain his team’s chances of winning any game. In 2021, the Phillies had a below average defense with a .984 fielding percentage with 4,256 total putouts, and 1,439 assists. Kyle has 800 career Putouts and 33 assists through 553 games.

As we move further into opening week, Kyle is playing and practicing every day, trying to bring the playoffs back to the City of Brotherly Love. Schwarber is ready to continue to make an impact on the Phillies’ season by scoring more runs, being another power hitter, bringing playoff experience and improving the fielding percentage.

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