What should Tigers do in offseason?

Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski will be kept busy in the offseason. (freep.com)

It’s no surprise the Texas Rangers moved on to the World Series. The Detroit Tigers will head home to clean out their lockers, curl up on their favorite chairs and become spectators for the fall classic.

I wanted to wait a good 24 hours before writing this. I wanted to reflect on how this team won a division when everyone picked them not to. I did not want to write anything too negative about this team. They gave Detroiters some exciting nights of baseball in our field of dreams called Comerica Park.

I could sit and recap the players. I could give them a pass or fail grade, but why? We saw their play throughout the season, from the ups and downs to the dramatic 12 wins before they clinched in Oakland. During that stretch, they swept the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago White Sox. Would I say the postseason was a collapse? They lacked the drive I had seen all season from my view in the press box. Yet come postseason, they fought back to beat the New York Yankees in five games before the Rangers ended their season.

There was no more coal to shovel into the fire. The smoke was gone. There wasn’t even a puff left to muster another win and force a game seven in the American League Championship Series. Injuries and basic fundamentals were the downfall.

I’m proud to be a Tigers fan and report on my home team. I am looking forward to the offseason and watching Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski work his magic and patch some holes. I would dare say Carlos Guillen and Magglio Ordonez may have played their last games in a Tigers uniform. Brennan Boesch is ready to be the everyday right fielder. Delmon Young will play left and his bat only helps improve the lineup. Second base will be a spot the Tigers will need to look at. Third base still is an issue. Wilson Betemit is not the answer, and although I think Brandon Inge deserves a spot on the roster, it may not be as an everyday player.

Tell me what you think the Tigers should do. Comment here, go to my facebook fan page (sports talk 60) or feel free to email me at sportstalk60@comcast.net. I will review the responses and the best ones will receive a Sportstalk 60 T-shirt, mailed right to you.

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  1. The Tigers definately need to do a few thing to reload for next season. The 1st thing the TIgers need to do is to sign a solid 2nd baseman. I think that Aaron Hill would fit in nicely a .300 hitter as well as a solid defender. The next step for the Tigers is to make a run at Jose Reyes. If the Tiger could him and move Peralta to third the infield would be set. After that I think the Tigers need to focus on finding some more bullpen help. They need to go out and get at least two decent arms to have a solid bullpen to match everyone elses. I think that the Tigers have enough arms in the farm system to find a fifth starter that they need. Unless the Tigers are greedy and go after Mark Buerhle to add to the rotation. Once they add the 5-6 players to the roster and remove the players who done with their contracts the Tigers would be easily repeat as Central champs and make another run to the World series.   

  2. Will they look for another pitcher ?  Will Penny or Porcello be traded. I think they need to grab another starter. what you think? I like your articles so far. I live in Tolede and following the Tigers and Mudhens. I checked out your FB page. awesome life you have.

  3. I think they will need to re vamp a little bit. Pick up a second baseman. Possibly a pitcher. There will be some good free agents out there.  Good article

  4. timgan,  I agree that the pickup of Delmon Young and Wilson Betemit was huge. I just can’t figure out why Betemit did’nt play more into the scheme of things. I would like to see what he could do everyday. Thanks for the post.

  5. Here are some interesting stats about your Tigers. The team had a 27-7 record with Wilson Betemit as the starting third baseman, and a 30-10 record with Delmon Young as the starting left fielder. I didn’t much of either of those guys before this year. As for the playoffs, the Tigers, Rangers, Yankees and Rays all had excellent teams and were all closely matched, but somebody’s got to win. If you could do the playoffs over agan, you might see someone else win.

  6. Tx for reminding everyone what a great run this team had despite preseason predictions. They certainly kept us on the edge of our seats. Begs the queston, what are Tigers FANS  to do in the off season?! Nice article.

  7. Sad that we are done for the season, but looking forward to next year and the positive changes to come!

  8. Thanks for the reply Jared. Both of those options would fill in nicely. David Wright could add some pop to the lineup.

  9. I wonder how much money they will have to play with? Maybe they could make a play for David Wright. Verlander was fairly disappointing in the postseason but I can understand after the great year he had. Aaron Hill could be an option at 2nd if the Dbacks dont exercise his option.

  10. I agree, look for a second baseman and third baseman. Go get a veteran. I think maybe one more pitcher to that staff and a power guy off the bench.

  11. Great article. Thanks for not reviewing each player. I hate that so much. I like the way you just pointed out a few things and left it at that. Keep writing

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