Why I hate Keith Olbermann

olbermannEver experienced times when things trouble you, keep you up at night or even make you ponder in the shower? For example, there is a strip mall by my house with a Planned Parenthood office located right next to a bar. Are they in business together, like a masterplanned community?

But how do you explain that in terms people will just understand? And this is why I hate Keith Olbermann. Simply put, he does in three minutes what takes mere mortals hours to even pontificate.

For those not in the know, the dude was greatness on ESPN. “The Big Show” reinvigorated SportsCenter in ways the bigwigs in Bristol have never been able to duplicate since. Olbermann decided to leave sports and wax political with the MSNBC crowd. While there, he saw the envelope hanging over “conservative vitriol” and decided to push that into the “bat-ess-crazy” category, so things didn’t last with “Countdown.” Followed by a brief stint on Al Gore TV, Keith found himself dabbling back into sports with his old chum Dan Patrick.

Sporting fanatics delighted in Keith Olbermann’s smarmy commentary back in the world of athletics. To wit, ESPN decided to give him a late-night show adroitly entitled “Olbermann,” and I’m pleased to say my DVR hits that show daily. His work last week on explaining the decline of interest in baseball is a must-see.

Before you click and enjoy, keep in mind that Keith Olbermann adores this sport. He has a membership card to SABRmetricsville nestled in his wallet (next to others I’m sure). He even scribed the foreword to the 2009 Baseball Prospectus Annual. That said, you ask “Why do I hate Keith Olbermann?”

Because this brilliant rant on why no one watches baseball makes me facepalm at high speeds wishing I thought of this first. Well done, sir. As I have usually done throughout your entertaining career: A tip of my cap to you.

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