Win or lose: Braves still number one in my book

Matty Diaz
I for one was glad to see Matty Diaz back in a Braves uniform.

The Atlanta Braves are currently in the eight inning of their game against the Phillies. Winning 3-2 and I’m ecstatic.

This month has been hell. My cell phone has received more “choke” texts than I could imagine, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Everywhere I go, I have to dodge people who know I’m an avid Braves fan.

You know what? I love the Braves no matter what happens. I’ve been a lifelong fan and have experienced some ups and downs along the way. It’s been a great ride so far. Hey, at least the Braves are in it every year …

They aren’t “lollygagging” around the field. They are hustling. They are working hard. They are energetic and still showing emotion. Diaz is beating out grounders. These guys haven’t given up.

Ah, just like they always do.

Veteran leadership

Talking about leadership, Chipper Jones has really stepped up during the stretch. It’s easy for most teams to start name dropping and bad mouthing, sulking, etc. None of that from the Braves. They have a great mixture of rookies and veterans (which most great teams do) and Chipper is doing his part in all aspects of the game.

He gave a team speech before the game and also has done several pep talks during game number 162.

Disturbing thoughts

Can the Braves just trade Derek Lowe?


Just release him if they can’t. I would much rather see a rookie in there. I really hit the “trade Derek Lowe” wall when I saw Javier Vazquez  finish with a 3.69 ERA. What? Didn’t he have an 8.00 ERA for most of the year?


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