FAQs: Writing for TTFB

Writing for TTFB

Q: What are the rules for writing on TTFB?
A: Every writer is given access to TTFB’s Writer’s Guide. All the rules are outlined in the guide. Any objections or comments need to be directed to your editor.

Q: How do I post an article to the site?
A: Once you are a writer, you’ll be given login credentials to the backend of TTFB. At the same time (and in the Writer’s Guide) you’ll be given a link to a video that gives step by step directions on posting an article.

Q: What does pending mean after submitting my article?
A: Once you submit an article for the site, our editors are notified that your post is ready. During that time, our editors may reach out to you. After the article has been edited (if needed!) the post will be submitted live to the site.

Q: How can I add a photo to my article?
A: Photos can only be added by an editor. If you have a photo or find a photo that you want to use for the article, just paste the link at the top of the article with instructions if you have any.

Q: Does TTFB pay writers?
A: Through The Fence Baseball doesn’t have the resources to pay all writers but can compensate writers that consistently publish quality content on a timely basis with fan interaction. Writers who help promote their articles are also recognized. TTFB also announces contest and levels for writers on a monthly basis which gives writers a chance to compete for prizes.

TTFB isn’t going to add thousands of writers. We only select the writers we think will fit our vision. Your articles won’t be lost in hundreds of daily posts and you will have a chance to build your own following at TTFB.

TTFB is often recognized on top websites across the web, and writing for TTFB will give you a lot of exposure. While writing for TTFB won’t necessarily make your wallet fat, the potential and skill sets learned certainly can. Getting to a paid level on TTFB isn’t easy, but consistent, active, and quality articles that are promoted certainly will speed the process.

Q: How long does my articles have to be?
A: As long as you want them to be! We shoot for a minimum of 300 words but breaking news articles can be shorter.

Q: After TTFB publishes my article, what should I do? How do I promote it?
A:  While TTFB does try to promote every article through other websites, it’s always a positive if the writer promotes them as well. Use your social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to promote your page. Visit other baseball websites to share your articles. Jump in with the community and comment on other posts and respond to comments on your posts. Last but not least, writing consistent and quality articles will only increase your fan base.

Q: Can I promote my own blog and or website?
A: Certainly! Promote all you want in your biography, we just ask for some love back.


Q: Why hasn’t my article been edited yet and how come it’s not posted live?
A: Our editors will read and edit as needed … every single post. Higher ranking authors will have top priority, so the more you write, the faster it will get published. Also, every author will have access to our editors and can text/email them if there is a particular hurry on an article.

Q: Can I edit my article after I submit it to pending?
A:  Yep, just let us know what you are changing or adding so that we can re-edit that section. You can edit your article by logging into the backend and clicking on “edit post”.

Q: Can I see what TTFB edited and changed in my article?
A: Yes. Go to “edit post” and at the bottom of the page is a revision history. You can compare versions and can also see who revised your article. Comparing the versions will highlight what was changed so that you can see what you need to work on.

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