Why does the World Baseball Classic seem so unimportant?

World Baseball Classic logoSo there’s this World Baseball Classic tournament going on now. Until I saw clips of the brawl that broke out between Canada and Mexico the other night, I hadn’t seen so much as one single pitch of it. And I’m at a loss for why that is. I love baseball, and yet a competition of players from around the world holds no interest to me at all.

This is supposed to be baseball’s answer to the World Cup. That much is clear. And it’s also designed to spread the game to a global audience. That’s also a noble goal. American culture is a hot commodity around the world, and baseball is a central piece of that. So, I should be all for anything that helps to make the game more visible.

And yet I’m not. With apologies to anyone who is following the World Baseball Classic, I can’t see the point. Or maybe I can see the point, but I don’t believe in it. Whatever it is, I’d like to just get the whole thing over with before Anthony Rizzo hurts himself playing for the Italian team.

Thanks for the effort baseball powers that be, but please wake me up on April 1 instead.


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  1. The WBC blows because the USA has been laughably trying to repeat the Dream Team concept by using MLB players (and graciously allowing American players the option to choose to play for other countries their great-grandaddies couldn’t flee fast enough).

    Want to make the WBC legit? Don’t use any MLB players (just career minor leaguers who are desperate for one last chance on the US team) and let the other countries use their REAL national teams instead of a bunch of carpetbaggers (you, know, the way Olympic basketball used to be before it got ruined). Japan would likely win it most of the time, but they kind of have been anyway.

  2. The players certainly seem excited about it, so I think the fans should be too. Sure, there are a few rules that need to be ironed out. But I like the concept and the international flavor.

  3. You obviously haven’t been watching, because Italy got eliminated two days ago. Too bad — it’s been a fun tourney, with a lot of surprises early, how good the Netherlands team is, great individual performances. The only problem with the tourney is the pitch-count rule. While it’s understandable to have it, it turns the games into four-hour American League-like games.

    Bashing seems popular once again. Maybe you will find the time next time to watch it.

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