Wright to Phillies rumor catching fire

Could David Wright be on his way out of New York? (umpbump.com)

Happy Holidays everyone!

On Christmas weekend, there has been an interesting rumor floating around Philadelphia that seems almost to good to be true. It is not the first time the rumor has been a hot topic on Philadelphia baseball blogs and probably won’t be the last, either. It really seems unrealistic, but … is David Wright going to become a Phillie some day soon?

I cannot see any way in which the Mets give up a player they have been marketing as the face of their franchise to their divisional archrival. A move such as this would not only make the Phillies stronger, but also would be guaranteed to cause much resentment and backlash from the Mets’ fanbase.

In Philadelphia, one position that could use an upgrade is third base, and upgrading to a player the caliber of Wright would be a dream scenario for Philadelphia. Throw in the fact Wright is in the prime of his career and seems as if he would fit in with a team in Philadelphia full of veteran players, and there is a no doubt the Phillies should pull the trigger on this move.

The rumor was first reported in October, but was not looked at realistically. Then this weekend, the Internet was going wild with speculation of a trade that would include top prospect Domonic Brown, Vance Worley, and perhaps pitching prospect Phillippe Aumont. The source of the rumor is a Philadelphia blog called Philly Phans, which usually is very accurate. The blog has even sent out a tweet regarding the rumor, saying they will close their site if the rumor is false because their source is that reliable.

If these rumors turn out to be true, a statue may have to be put up for Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro. Wright always has been respected by the Phillies fans. It would not be as hard to picture Wright in Phillies red as it would other recent Mets, such as Jose Reyes. Wright would become an instant fan favorite.

Again, this is all speculation, and simply is just a rumor now. But it still is great to have baseball on people’s minds on a day (Christmas) that is usually dominated by other sports (basketball, or football).

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