Wrigley Field on Clark Street, after all

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clark cub
The new face of the Chicago Cubs.

The Chicago Cubs were one of the few remaining teams in MLB to be mascot-free, at least until they unveiled Clark on Monday. Much has already been said of, and even done to, Clark online, and much of it has been negative. (And for the record, Clark Harvey Oswald probably is my favorite iteration).

This backlash likely would have been the case no matter what Clark looked like. The fact the Cubs introduced any mascot would be a problem for some people. But Wrigley Field is at least on Clark Street.

It’s not the first time the Cubs have had a mascot. Here’s a picture of the Cubs first mascot from 1908. cubs1908-03It looks like an overgrown squirrel more than anything else. With the annual Cubs Convention this weekend, I’m certain the talk of the gathering will be the kid-friendly mascot, since none of the Cubs’ offseason player acquisitions is worth getting worked up over.

In the end, Clark can’t play third base or go six-plus innings as a starter, so his existence doesn’t really affect the team on the field in any way. But this offseason hasn’t provided too many other story lines to delve into, so we just have to take the stories wherever we can find them.

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