Before opening day comes opening bets! Part 2

In my first post ‘Before opening day comes opening bets!‘ I prepared you for the direction to steer your wallet when betting the future of the American League this season. Now I will help guide you in the wild world that is the National League…

National League East

Atlanta Braves +200
Florida Marlins +700
New York Mets +2000
Philadelphia Phillies -450
Washington Nationals +2250

If you like to take a little risk when betting which I at times like to do, then take the Atlanta Braves. They are not the safest bet I am ever going to give you but they have more then enough to take the east from the Phillies this season. This truly in my opinion a very small risk, I am expecting big things out of the Braves this season. If the bullpen can pull some magic to keep the big bats in the game then I can see Braves edging out the Phillies by just a game or two.

National League Central

Chicago Cubs +350
Cincinnati Reds +150
Houston Astros +1800
Milwaukee Brewers +150
Pittsburgh Pirates +3000
St.Louis Cardinals +400

Alright everyone go out and grab your giant foam bear mug hats! The Brew Crew will be taking home the NL central this season. The Cardinals took way to big of hit with the loss of Adam Wainwright to make a run for it. The Reds do not have the starting 5 to win 90+ games this season and the Cubs are the only ones who think they stand much a chance. This biggest woe facing the Brewers last season was a laughable pitching staff. Well laugh no more with the addition of Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum the Milwaukee Brewers are taking the NL Central title by 5+ games!

National League West

Arizona Diamondbacks +1500
Colorado Rockies +110
Los Angeles Dodgers +300
San Diego Padres +1000
San Francisco Giants -115

BET THE GIANTS! Is that clear enough for everyone? They should be -250 or more to win that division. I as much as the next guy can get behind the Rockies to make some excellent runs for the title this season but they will fall short. Unless the better half of the Giants starting 5 have an accident in which their arms fall off they will be taking down the NL West. This is going to be one the best battles in the MLB this season, but when the september pressure starts leaning on the two teams look for the Giants to answer the call and break away from the Rockies to take it by 4+ games.

National League Wild Card

I would love to see a one game playoff between the Phillies and the Rockies. I know a lot of people will read this and ask themselves “is this guy predicting a 162 game tie for the NL wildcard and picking the two teams that will do it?” No, I am simply saying that both teams are going to be very deserving of the final playoff spot if my divisions play out the way I have predicted. In a reasonable prediction I have to take the Phillies to use the tested veterans they have to make the post season. Even without Chase Utley for the foreseeable future they have to tools in place to keep the score low and that is how the Phillies win baseball games.

Placing a wager that doesn’t pay out for 7 months can be hard. It is frustrating putting down some cash in March and waiting for October to come. Like I said before it is also a risk (especially if the whole Giants staff was to lose their arms). Take my advice though a future bet makes the season even more exciting. Instead of just your top team you now have 6 or 7 teams to check stats on and route for when your home team has the day off! Good luck everyone lets win some money together this season!

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