Choosing a Baseball Bat Display Case: Our Top Five Picks

When it comes to picking a baseball bat display case, the options are seemingly unlimited. Which is unfortunate, really.

For most of us, buying a baseball bat display case means we are planning on showing off a prized possession. Maybe you have an autographed bat that has been handing down through the generations. Or maybe you saved a bat from your playing days that you hit a walk-off homerun with.

Whatever your reasoning for needing a baseball bat display case, it is important that you consider the both: (1.) the type of case in terms of where you will be placing it and (2.) the type of wood and overall quality of the display case.

Baseball Bat Display Case: At A Glance

#1: Baseball Bat Display Case Made from Australian Beechwood

One of our favorite baseball bat display cases, this one is constructed with solid furniture-grade beech wood. It includes a locking door and is 98% UV resistant, protecting your baseball bat. It will house bats up to 36” in length. As well, you can mount this on your wall in both a horizontal and vertical configuration.

The solid-cherry finish on the wood really make this baseball bat display case stand out and the brass latches are solid and ensure that the case remains tightly shut.

#2: Pro UV 5 Bat Display Cabinet

The PRO UV Bat Display Cabinet is for the true baseball fan who has plenty of memories and keepsakes to show off. With room for five bat, this baseball bat display case is made from solid hardwood and has a beautiful mahogany finish. It has a lockable door and can be mounted both vertically or horizontally. It is made to hold bats up to 37” long, with enough room underneath to showcase baseballs as well.

Please note that the individual hangers in this baseball bat display case are NOT removable. You do not have to store five bats in it, but you also cannot take the hooks out to make it look better.

The case itself is 19 inches wide, 3 inches tall, and 4 inches deep. Multiple reviews of the case pointed out that, despite the high-quality wood construction, it was still light weight compared to other cases making it easer and more safe to hang on walls.

#3: 3 Baseball Bat Display Holder

Much like the above five bat option, this baseball bat display cases holds three bats and is also made from high-quality beech hardwood to give off an extremely elegant look. The case itself is, of course, up to 98% UV protects with a an acrylic door. It will easily house bats up to 38.5” long and the case itself comes in one complete piece, meaning no assembly is required.

The bottom of this baseball bat display case also includes housing for individual baseballs. While a very nice touch, these are removable if you would rather not include them. It is also important to note that the color finish of the cabinet is between brownish and red – but, because each case is individually hand-stained, the actual color may vary from case to case.

Many of the reviews on this case make the case that it has the quality, look, and feel of an extremely high-end, expensive case but for more than half the cost.

#4: Extra Deep Shadow Box for Baseball Bat and Jersey

While not solely a display case for your baseball bat, we really like this one because you can construct a fantastic centerpiece out of it. The case itself is 100% handcraft out of beech hardwood with a hand-stained finished (so, again: colors may vary slightly). It has a 98% UV rating and a pinnable black felt background with a matching wood hanger included.

The dimensions of this unite are 38” x 29” x 4.75”.

An important thing to note about any shadow box is that this one DOES have enough room on the inside to install a light. Several of the reviews also noted that the case was made out of real wood, not MDF compressed or other types of particle board. Because of that, it is important to make sure you get this into a stud in your wall to protect what you put inside.

#5: Mini 18” Baseball Bat Case

This mini 18” display case is perfect for your little leauguer’s room as it is the perfect size to store miniature bats. It comes with a black finish and is made, like all the others, out of handcrafted furniture-grade beech hardwood. The dimensions of the is are 21.5” x 19.5” x 2.5”.

The door has the standard 98% UV rating and the case will hold up to 16 mini bats (up to 18” in length).

It is important to note that this bat case cannot be put on the wall horizontally. It can only be hanged vertically. As well, many of the reviews point out that the quality of this case is much higher than the price indicates.

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