Daisuke Matsuzaka: Dice K, worth it?

Daisuke Matsuzaka (now 30 years old), is a right handed starting pitcher from Japan. He previously played for the Seibu Lions in Japans Pacific League. He was selected the MVP of the inaugural and the second World Baseball Classic, and is an Olympic bronze medalist.

He received the nick name Dice K due to the fact he was known for striking out hitters. The hype was there.  Was it deserved? At the time it was indeed deserved. In his first professional season in 1999, Matsuzaka had 16 wins and 5 losses.
His fastball was hitting mid 90s. Dice K was leading to stardom. He now had become a can not miss prospect.

On October 25, 2006, Scott Boras was announced as Matsuzaka’s agent to represent him in any contact talks with Major League teams.On November 2, Matsuzaka was officially granted permission by the Lions to pursue a career in Major League Baseball via the posting system. On November 14 of 2006, the Boston Red Sox won the bidding rights to negotiate a contract with Dice K.

On December 14, 2006, the Boston Red Sox accounced an agreement with Dice K million worth $60 million. Has he turned out to be worth a dime? HELL NO!

In all my years of watching Major Leage Baseball, Dice K is one of the worst pitchers I have ever seen on the mound. He is not coachable – refuses to listen to those who have experience(been there and done it). His velocity is in the low 90s and not the mid 90s as reported when he pitched in Japan. His control is pathetic. He gives you about 5 innings per start and will walk 4/5 hitters in those 5 innings. During his 5 innings he will have thrown 90 pitches. Talk about over hyped!

His career stats with the Boston Red Sox are not very impressive for a so called ace:

46 wins, 27 loses, 4.18 ERA, 585.1 IP, 537 Hits Allowed, 278 Walks and 542 Strikeouts.

Am I right in saying this guy has been a major Bust?

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