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Through The Fence Baseball was recently interviewed on two different sites today. In addition, Ryan Shopshire’s “Talking Shop” was featured by FanGraphs as well. (Links are below)

The first time I went clicked onto Through The Fence Baseball, I spent at least an hour reading all the different content it had to offer.

For a new baseball website, Through The Fence Baseball covers it all, is easy to navigate, features some unique sections and enough fantasy baseball that will make a reader come back again and again

Here at Lady Loves Pinstripes, I had the pleasure of interviewing Through The Fence Baseball founder Jamie Shoemaker, who answered all my questions about his wonderful site. Shoemaker also discusses the upcoming season and of course I got his opinion on the New York Yankees.

To continue reading, check out her article on Lady Loves Pinstripes!

Also around the web, Through The Fence Baseball did an exclusive with 22Gigantes.

Recently, I had a chance to chat with Jamie Shoemaker, founder of a new baseball website called Through The Fence Baseball. Jamie’s work has been featured on MLB Trade Rumors and ESPN and employs a wide range of writers from across the nation. He’s a diehard Braves fan so of course I had to ask him about the NL ROY competition between Buster Posey and Jason Heyward.

Read on…

22G: What makes TTFB unique?

JS: What sets our writers apart is that they join in with our fans in the comment section to debate and answer questions frequently. We try to get the most passionate baseball writers that we can and then we let them write on any topic that relates to baseball. Readers want to read a little passion from time to time, not just news.

22G: Who is your target audience?

JS: Anyone who loves baseball.

To read the rest, follow the link through to here: 22Gigantes

Last, but not least, is an article featured by FanGraphs affiliate, NotGraphs. Here is an excerpt, click here for the story.

Ryan Shopshire was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 32nd round of the 2009 MLB Amateur Draft. Six feet five inches tall, and weighing 200 pounds, it’s Shopshire’s dream to one day pitch in the big leagues. For the coming season, Shopshire’s teamed up exclusively with brand-spanking new baseball blog Through The Fence Baseball, and will be blogging about his experiences in the minor leagues in a series entitled Talking Shop.

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