In the Rockpile: Rockies entire lineup deals Mets an 18-9 sloppy loss

New York Mets reliever Manny Acosta suffers through an 11-run fifth inning against the Colorado Rockies. (Chris Humphreys/US Presswire)

The Colorado Rockies and New York Mets did their best to play an NFL-type scoring game last night in Denver, with the Rockies blowing by the other New York team for an 18-9 victory. Carlos Gonzalez, Troy Tulowitzki, Ramon Hernandez and Dexter Fowler slammed the door shut with a home run each.

The fifth inning of the first game of the series was, once again, so reminiscent of the Rockies/Cubs game back in 2010 where the Rox set a franchise record of 12 runs scored in one half inning. The Rockies fell one short last night as they collectively bent over Mets pitcher Manny Acosta and proceeded to have their way with him to the tune of seven runs, three homers, five hits and two walks. Acosta’s ERA is going to be so deep that he won’t dig out of it until the end of the season. Touching off the hit onslaught was Young, who was pinch-hitting for starting pitcher Drew Pomeranz. He would bat twice in the inning.

Gonzalez did his best impression of himself in 2010 by blowing a three-run shot deep with Fowler following with a home run of his own to help keep himself off the bench. The best part of the inning — aside from the circus show on the field — was watching Twitter blow up with disgruntled Mets fans proclaiming:

“Not surprised, this happens every year.”

“Same Mets. Now I can go to bed.”

“Wake me up next year. Knew better than to get excited for baseball season.”

“There’s no better way to describe what happened other than that they just pulled a ‘Mets’.”

No kidding. Acosta got hung out to dry and could barely believe what was happening, forced to swallow the worst 0.1 inning of work of all-time. I hope nobody started this guy in their fantasy baseball league.

The Mets put together a rally of their own behind a Scott Hairston completion of the cycle with a two-run double, and the comeback was carried within three of the Rockies before ending with enough men on base to wrestle back the lead. This once again prompted Mets fans to remove the guns from their heads and come down off the ledge as it neared midnight in New York. The fans then quit getting ready for bed to commend Hairston and the team for their grit, even though almost half of their scores came off of Hairston’s bat alone. Their hope was torpedoed by more errors and multi-run scoring.

The pitching for Denver Friday was not very good. Pomeranz put up an okay outing and was removed early after fatigue, allowing the relievers to practically give the game back. This is how the Rockies have to win games this season — by digging the team out of a pitchers mess. Lighting up the hit column and almost bringing the leadoff hitter around for a third try in the inning.

The game ended with a final score of 18-9 after Hernandez’ grand slam halted the comeback.

Guthrie goes to the 15 Day DL … maybe.

Jeremy Guthrie is headed to the DL after wrecking his bike on a trail downtown, jamming his shoulder. The damage appears to be minor and Guthrie himself didn’t even know he was going to miss time, looking perturbed with the news coming from reporters. Guthrie tweets about biking and regularly meets fans downtown for impromptu chess matches on the outdoor 16th Street Mall, preferring for low-profile dress and “code words.” He may only miss one start, but that is dependent on how much pain he is in, as there is no structural damage according to Guthrie’s doctor.

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