MLB Baseball Player Shot; David Ortiz Recovering. Video and more

Baseball Player Shot

In case you live under a rock, you know that David Ortiz was shot through the lower back recently, exiting his abdomen. Incredibly, he survived with only some reported damage to his liver.

What Had Happened

Outside of a night club in the Dominican Republic, Ortiz was shot point blank through the lower back. He was rushed to the hospital to where they performed surgery. He recovered and awakened but was still in ICU. The next day, he was flown to Boston, where he had another surgery. He had parts of his intestines and gallbladder removed during the process.

Video of Ortiz getting shot.


There’s reports that he was having an affair with a drug lords wife. He hired six men to kill Big Papi, offering 400,000 pesos. Five have been arrested.

Video here of his mistress at the hospital fighting with his family so she can see him.

Things like these are terrible, no one should be shot or have to go through this. We all hate that the rumors are flying around about his personal life, whether or not it’s true, we all wish the best for Big Papi.

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