Phillies/Red Sox trade idea would involve Boston fan favorite

Would the Boston Red Sox be willing to trade Kevin Youkilis to the Philadelphia Phillies? (Elsa/Getty Images)

Although it’s early in the season, there are real concerns for both the Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies. The Red Sox lack pitching and outfield depth and have age concerns in other spots. It’s going to get worse for the Red Sox before it gets better. I know Red Sox fans won’t concede anything, but considering the depth of other good teams in the AL, they are not a playoff team.

The Phillies have pretty much played their hand. They’re going to have to ride it out with their veterans for as many years as they can after decimating their farm system. The problem for the Phillies is the NL East has gotten better, and even with their dominant starting pitching and the possibility of Ryan Howard coming back and resembling the player he once was, they still need another bat. I think at this point you can’t expect anything from Chase Utley.

Considering where the two teams are, they can help each other out. The proposed trade would be pitchers Antonio Bastardo, Michael Stutes and Trevor May going to the Red Sox and Kevin Youkilis coming back to the Phillies. Although his numbers are declining, I still think Youkilis can give some punch to the Phillies lineup, as well as giving them position flexibility. I know he’s a fan favorite in Boston, but he’s gone after the year anyway. There’s no chance of them picking up his option. On the other side of this proposed trade, the Red Sox aren’t getting anything spectacular, but they are getting some young arms to provide pitching depth both this year and down the road.

These problems could have been forseen before the season by both teams, so it’s not too early for the GM’s to pick up the phone.

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