Red Sox fans! Step right up: 100 years of Red Sox baseball

It's a must have, whether you're a Red Sox fan or not.

I’ve had the pleasure to read through Saul Wisnia’s new book “Fenway Park: The Centennial.” It’s a great read and a must read for all baseball fans; especially all Red Sox fans.

I would go on about how great the book is (even has tons of pictures for those that can’t read!), but it’s easier for me to explain and you’ll get more out of it if I just publish the press release, right? We will also be giving away three copies of this book as giveaways, if you want to be reminded when we hold the contests, email us.  Anyway, buy the book here!

For Immediate Release September 13, 2011 Contact: Joe Rinaldi Associate Director of Publicity, SMP 646-307-5565 The perfect gift for every Red Sox fan – and baseball fan for that matter – complete with accompanying exclusive DVD narrated by Red Sox World Series hero, and Hall of Famer, Carlton Fisk Fenway Park The Centennial 100 Years of Red Sox Baseball Saul Wisnia Accompanying DVD hosted by Carlton Fisk

“It’s pretty impressive how much energy and adrenaline flows through this stadium. Sitting in the same dugout as Ted Williams really makes you reflect and have an appreciation for the game.” -Red Sox All Star and World Series hero Kevin Youkilis

There is not a more beloved or iconic ball park in American sports than Fenway Park in Boston MA. Home to major league baseball’s Red Sox since April 1912, Fenway has also seen its share of exciting pro and college football games, major cultural and civic events, a rollicking international soccer game in 2010 between Celtic and Sporting Lisbon, and even the thrilling New Year’s Day 2010 NHL Winter Classic game won by the Boston Bruins and played on a specially built hockey rink in the middle of the field.

But it is baseball, and the Red Sox specifically, that help make Fenway what it is and what it means to the game. Saul Wisnia has lovingly crafted a nostalgic collector’s item that every Red Sox fan – and even fans of the game in general – must have with his new book, FENWAY PARK: The Centennial – 100 Years of Red Sox Baseball. Honoring 100 years of magic and memories, Wisnia brings to life seemingly every brick that has become a cornerstone of this grand old ballpark.

When Fenway celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2012 it will also celebrate the enormous history of the park and team. With supreme photography, a wealth of memorabilia and original commentary by three generations of Boston Red Sox heroes and loyal fans, FENWAY PARK celebrates the stadium in style. It also includes images from the archives of the Boston Public Library – as well as rarely seen artifices and memorabilia – that enhance the nostalgic experience. A century of incredible victories and world championships, heartbreaking losses that are the stuff of legend, and many of the greatest players in baseball history have graced the hallowed field at Yawkey Way.

This landmark book includes sections on:

  • The inception, construction, and early years of Fenway
  • Detailed looks at Red Sox legends from Babe Ruth to Ted Williams to Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz
  • The greatest moments of the Green monster, Fenway’s most famous feature
  • A trip inside the Monster’s manually operated scoreboard
  • Fenway fans and their love affair with the legendary stadium through the years
  • Unforgettable seasons, including the 1967 Impossible Dream team and the 2004 World Series champs

FENWAY PARK: The Centennial is a visually stunning and engaging celebration of the greatest moments in America’s favorite baseball stadium and the perfect way to say, “Happy 100th birthday, Fenway!”

From the words of Red Sox legends: “[The city] looks like a bunch of catacombs and old places, and the next thing you know you come out and there is this beautiful ballpark – a jewel sitting right in the middle of downtown Boston.” -Bill Lee, all-time winning left-handed Sox pitcher “I can remember as a rookie, coming in and walking directly up to [the Green Monster]. I just wanted to stand at the base of it, touch it, and realize it was the real thing.” -Cy Young Award winner Jim Lonborg, hero of the 1967 Impossible Dream Sox team

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Saul Wisnia is a former sports and news correspondent for the Washington Post and feature writer for The Boston Herald. Wisnia is now a senior publications editor at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. He has authored, co-authored, or otherwise contributed to numerous books on Boston baseball history, and his essays and articles have also appeared in Sports Illustrated, Red Sox Magazine, and The Boston Globe. He lives 6.78 miles from Fenway Park in Newton, Massachusetts.

FENWAY PARK: The Centennial – 100 Years of Red Sox Baseball

Includes exclusive DVD narrated by Red Sox legend Carlton Fisk! By Saul Wisnia On Sale Date: September 13, 2011 Price: $29.99 Pages: 176, plus more than 200 b&w and color photos throughout ISBN #0312642747

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