Texas Rangers Notes: Ron Washington’s pregame speech creating quite the stir


Ron Washington is all smiles in front of the media and all business behind closed doors. (Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Prior to game seven of the World Series, Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington gave his team somewhat of a pre-game speech. But he wasn’t the only one to speak.

Normally, the general public wouldn’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but thanks to someone from the Rangers’ organization, the audio from that pre-game speech was leaked, and now it’s all over the internet.

If you haven’t heard it, you’re more than welcome to take a listen. Just make sure you have earphones or listen to it when you’re at home and away from the children, because it does have some profanity. Not only is Washington on this recorded audio, but so is regular season MVP Michael Young, second baseman Ian Kinsler and ALCS hero, Nelson Cruz.

While this audio does have some choice words in it from the manager, as well as the players, what you will also hear is the real Ron Washington. You won’t hear the politically correct Rangers manager who seems to want to answer every dumb question from the media with a dumb answer but knows he’ll be seen as disrespectful or rude. So, he says what just about every manager would say after a win or loss, and then he says what he really wants to say in front of his players and coaches.

It’s the exact reason the players love being around him. It’s why players want to play for him. He’s real.

Throughout the day on Monday, the audio seemed to get very favorable reactions from Texas Rangers fans. They loved to hear the real Washington and not the guy who seemed to be dry and very nonchalant with the media during postgame press conferences.

The Rangers themselves, however, aren’t so happy about the audio being leaked. In fact, they have lauched a full investigation into who leaked it and why.

While there will be rumors abound as to why the audio was leaked and the reasons behind it, there is no reason for Washington or his players to apologize for what was said.

When the clubhouse doors are closed, it is supposed to become a sanctuary for the players, coaches and the manager. What is said behind closed doors is supposed to stay there. It’s not for the media to see, and it’s not for the general public to hear. It’s a place of privacy and a place where players can be genuine  without cameras or microphones in their faces.

In all, it’s a place where they can be themselves.

It’s an act of betrayal of trust from someone inside that sanctuary. How do players now say what they want to say inside that room without wondering who has a recorder on without their knowledge? How do they trust the personnel around them?

Not only will this effect the Texas Rangers clubhouse, but it will effect each and every clubhouse around Major League Baseball. There isn’t a player anywhere who won’t wonder who will be recording their every word just to release it to the general public.

While we, as fans, enjoyed the audio for what it was. You have to believe the manager, and the players who spoke, are embarrassed when they have no reason to be.

That was supposed to be their safe place. Apparently not anymore.

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