2020 MLB Mock Yankees Draft: Who Is Wearing Pinstripes?

In the 2020 MLB Draft, the Yankees will be making the 28th overall pick in the first round. The last time the Yankees had the 28th overall pick in the draft? That would have been 2008, when they drafted some kid named Gerrit Cole out of Orange Lutheran High School.

Before that, the Yankees had the 28th pick in the 2008 MLB Draft and selected catcher David Parrish. In 1995, with the 28th pick, the Yankees signed pitcher Anthony Balabon. Neither went higher than Triple-A ball before calling it a career.

So, needless to say, the 28th pick has not been historically kind to the Yankees. Is 2020 the Yankees draft year where the luck changes?

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2020 Yankees Draft: Who Will They Take?

The vast majority of other MLB mock drafts include two names as the most likely candidates to be picked by the Yankees at the 28th spot:

  1. Nate Savino
  2. CJ Van Eyk

In fact, according to our own version 3.0 of our MLB Mock Draft, we have Van Eyk going to the Yankees. So, for the sake of switching it up a tad, let’s make the assumption that Van Eyk is either off the board or the Yankees do not have interest in him. In that case, the Yankees are hoping that Savino falls to them.

Unfortunately, that is not going to happen either.

According to the Daily Progress, Savino is fully committed to playing college ball at the University of Virginia, meaning he won’t be able to be drafted until 2022.

So, the two most likely prospects may not be around for the Yankees. If that were the case, we suspect the Yankees will go with …

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Yankees Mock Draft: Jared Kelley

Jared Kelley is a 6-foot-2, 200 pound RHP currently playing for Refugio High School in Texas.

Carloa Collzao from Baseball America notes: “Kelley is one of the premier power arms in the 2020 class. His fastball routinely touches the upper 90s. He doesn’t show much effort in his delivery despite one of the better fastballs in the class.”

David Schoenfield from ESPN notes: “He is one of the top pitchers in the 2020 crop. He can hit 95 on the radar gun. He pounds the bottom of the strike zone with his fastball and shows feel for a plus curveball and changeup.”

Yankees Draft: Jared Kelley Highlights

Yankees 2020 MLB Draft: Final Thoughts

If the Yankees are able to draft Jared Kelley at the 28th spot, it should be considered a successful draft. Kelley is a true power arm and has maintained his success on the mound through his high school career and summer ball. He routinely overpowers hitters and is able to maintain his fastball in the mid-90s deep into games.

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