Portable Tailgating Bars: Our Top 5 for 2021

Have your ever dreamed about being the life of your tailgating party? If so, than you should seriously consider one of our best portable tailgating bars for the upcoming 2020 tailgating season.

Because, let’s face it: tailgating is simply all about that booze and good food. We have you covered with our best tailgating grills for the upcoming 2020 season … so, match that with an outstanding portable bar and you have the makings of a truly outstanding party.

You may not recognize it, but the use of a portable tailgating bar will make life a lot easier in the parking lot of your favorite team. No longer will you have to mix drinks on the ground, nor will you have to do it on the tailgate of a truck.

Instead, a portable tailgating bar makes you look professional as well as making drinks a lot more convenient. As always, we want to provide you a comprehensive list of options that we believe run the through being inexpensive, but still high-quality, options to ones that

We also high valued the overall size versus the weight of the portable tailgating bars because, when you think about it, an overly heavy unit isn’t really all that portable. So, with that being said, you will find that the units that have made our list of best portable tailgating bars are truly that … portable. Because of this, we had to pass over some truly exceptional units but, in the end, we were comfortably doing so because they were all that realistic in terms of packing up and easily unloading on gameday.

Best Portable Tailgating Bars

#1. Portable Pop-Up Bar Table w/ Carry Case

Size: 39.8 x 15 x 34.8
Weight: 15.75 lbs.
Pros: A lightweight, portable tailgating bar that provides easy packing and unpacking
Cons: Not exactly the prettiest of the options, though the included skirt does add a touch of elegance. Also reports of quick rusting if used in wet conditions.

Best Choice Products Portable Pop-Up Bar Table for Indoor, Outdoor, Party, Picnic, Tailgate, Entertaining w/Carrying Case, Storage Shelf, Removable Skirt
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05/12/2022 12:05 am GMT

This portable, pop-up bar table is really about as simple as they come. Under the black skirt, it is nothing more than your typical folding table with legs. But, in the end, if you want a simple and to-the-point portable tailgating bar, then this is exactly what you are looking for.

The bar, as mentioned, comes with a black skirt that wrap around the underneath of the table to provide a more elegant look. However, there have been reports that the skirt does not quite fit correctly and that the velcro that is used to apply the skirt does not line up correctly.

The table includes a shelf that is hidden behind the skirt to store your bar tending equipment on. The shelf certainly helps with the overall stability of the table but there are numerous comments stating that it is not really something that can be leaned on. Perhaps not the best thing to hear when there will, likely, be drunk people around the bar.

All things considered, this is a reasonable option given the price. It provides an easy to assemble, lightweight, yet usable option for your portable tailgating bar.

#2. The Best of Time Patio and Tailgating Center

Size: 12 x 19 x 44
Weight: 91 lbs.
Pros: A beautiful, spacious portable tailgating bar that provides ample room and a built-in ice cooler to keep drinks cold. The included umbrella is quite nice too.
Cons: At 91 lbs, this is by far the heaviest option on our list … but, that is when it is put together. Bar comes in two sections, which are easy to lift and handle.

Best of Times Patio Bar and Tailgating Center Deluxe Package- Classic Tan
  • All the benefits of a built-in bar at a fraction of the cost
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The Best of Time Patio and Tailgating Center is certainly right at the edge of what we consider a truly “portable tailgating bar,” but it makes the list regardless simply because of its look, versatility, and overall “wow” factor.

First, it is important to note that while the unit clocks in at 91 lbs, that is only while it is wholly put together. The bar actually breaks down into two different parts and meet where the umbrella goes into the unit. Separately, the two units are quite easy to handle so, in the end, the overall weight of this portable tailgating bar is, perhaps, slightly misleading.

Second, despite the fantastic look of this bar’s L-shape, you can set it up in minutes and absolutely no tools are required. There are three levels of off-white commercial-grade shelving below the bar that are stain-resistant and are super easy to clean. There is plenty of storage for all of your cups, mixes, and alcohol.

The unit itself is designed with durability and heavy use in mind. The frame of the bar is constructed with a commercial-grade, white-powdered steel frame – which is the reason the bar is on the heavy side. But, the trade off here is that you have a very stable, long-lasting portable tailgating bar. Unlike the above pop-up bar, there will be absolutely no issues with somebody leaning on this bar.

There are also some really nice features includes with this one. You obviously get the umbrella, which will be very nice on those hot days when the sun is beating off of the blocking lot. As well, the unit comes with four stools. While nice, there have been some comments about the stools being borderline uncomfortable … but that is somewhat expected when purchasing a bar with the intention of using it at a tailgate. A travel case on wheels is also included with the bar, helping with the portability factor.

Lastly, you can also order custom wrap and fabric for the bar and umbrella to match your favorite team.

Personally, this is our favorite portable tailgating bar on this list. However, we understand that 91 lbs. is quite the load for some people, which is why it didn’t move to number one on the list. If you are okay with the listed weight of this product, than it is a fantastic option.

#3. Ozark Trail Folding Canopy Table

Size: 44.8 x 13 x 5
Weight: 10.1 lbs.
Pros: A truly portable, lightweight option that allows you to stay in the cool shade of your canopy tent.
Cons: Not all that sturdy and must have a canopy with specific dimensions to fit the table.

Ozark Trail Bar Height 10' Folding Canopy Table
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The Ozark Trail Folding Canopy Table is a modest option if you do not want a full-sized tailgating bar, like the above option, or a straight folding table design with a skirt. In fact, we believe the Ozark Trail Folding Canopy Table is pretty sharp looking, despite its low key design.

The pros of this portable tailgating bar are pretty obvious. It is super lightweight, can be set up in a matter of seconds, and also allows you either stay under the shade of your canopy tent or enjoy the sun on the other side of the bar.

On the other hand, the amount of space on this unit is quite limited and you do not have any shelves to help store cups, drinks, and the other essential items you need in order to run a nice tailgate bar.

As well, you need to make sure that your canopy can adopt to the length of this portable bar. There are numerous reports that a 10×10 canopy is just a tad too small to fit the length of this option (even though that is the advertise proper fit). Rather, many are pointing out that a 9×9 canopy is a better fir for this portable tailgating bar.

Also, despite it being incredibly easy to fold, unfold, and store, there are some reviews regarding the numerous pinch points inherent with the design. So, as you are putting this out on gameday, make sure you keep your fingers clear of any creases or folds in the design.

In the end, while there are numerous flaws with the design of this option, we ultimately like the ease in which you can store it and install it onto your canopy. And even though there is a lack of storage, we do like the fact that it is a streamlined option that builds itself into the overall flow of your tailgating space by being part of your canopy.

#4. Trademark Innovations Portable Bar

Size: 35 x 18 x 39
Weight: 11.7 lbs.
Pros: A lightweight option that is easy to open and includes a shelve for storage.
Cons: Reports of warping and buckling of the top surface if exposed to rain for long periods of time.

Trademark Innovations Portable Bar Table, Black
  • Convenient carrying case
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The Trademark Innovations portable tailgating bar is much like the first option on our list, just a bit longer allowing for more top-side surface for drink mixing, storage, etc.

While at its core, this portable bar is simply a folding table, as with the first option, the included skirt (it ships with both a black and green option) allows to class up the product to make it look like a proper bar.

The most common complaint about this product, however, is its stability. Numerous people have commented that it is not something that somebody can learn on and, perhaps worse, that even the weight of a full punch bowl in the middle of the table allows for a bit of a bend.

However, in this case, we believe the pros outweigh the cons with this option. This portable bar is easy to manage, lightweight, and will get the job done if you keep in mind the limitations about is stability and properly place heavier items directly over the unit’s legs.

#5. The Coldbreak Jockey Box

Size: 23 x 14.1 x 8.2
Weight: 19.55 lbs.
Pros: An “out of the ordinary” option that allows you to serve to different types of beers through the tap system.
Cons: With two types of beer, plus a full load of ice, this option is much heavier than the 19.55 lbs. empty weight.

Coldbreak Brewing Equipment Jockey Box, 2 Taps, Rear Inputs, 48 Quart Marine Cooler, 50' Coils, Stainless Steel Shanks, Includes Stainless Faucets, Kegmate, White (2TMPT)
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While not exactly a portable tailgating bar, the Coldbreak Jockey Box is an outstanding option for those people seeking a more traditional tailgating experience while also spicing up the experience.

This option includes 2 50-foot stainless steel coils that holds upwards of 17oz of beer each. Additionally, you can run the coils directly into growlers of your choice to provide an ever large amount of liquid in the cooler. As well, the two stainless steel taps and handles are included.

The Jockey Box does not require any form of electricity. All you need is the CO2 tank and ice. As well, please note that this is not your hand-pump system that you often see at college parties. This is a true tap system that will deliver an even foam-free flow of beer each and every time.

The downside of unit is, obviously, the weight. Completely empty, the unit comes in at around 20 pounds total. But, once you include the CO2 tank, the beer, and all of the ice, it becomes quite heavy. But, just like any other cooler, a helping hand is all that is needed to position this where you need it to be.

Portable Tailgating Bars: Final Thoughts

The fantastic thing about portable tailgating bars is that there are numerous options to fit your specific needs. As listed above, there are folding table, complete bar systems, tables to fit between your canopy, and even coolers that have complete tap systems within them.

In general, as mentioned, you need to consider several things when picking the right option: how you are going to use it, how lightweight it has to be, and how often you are going to use it.

When it comes to tailgating bars, they will often be exposed to the elements and have people leaning on them or have heavy drinks and other items placed on them. Because of this, it is important to purchase a unit that is high-quality with steel legs. All of the options above fit that criteria.

In the end, selecting the correct portable tailgating bar comes down to your personal tailgating setup. We believe there is a good option for any and all scenarios listed above.

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