The Best World Series Ever: Our Ultimate List of Rankings

The best World Series ever is likely a debate that will never be truly settled.

And that is because America’s pastime has been around for as long as some of us can remember. A long, grueling 162 game regular season, and a postseason playoff run all lead up to seven chilly October nights where every team in the MLB wants to be.

The World Series, the crown jewel of major league baseball is an event that takes place once a year to determine who will reign as the best team in baseball until next October. Some players will win every individual accolade including All-Star selections, Golden Gloves, Silver Slugger awards, Batting Titles, Cy Young awards, and everything else that comes with excelling individually in baseball.

However, a World Series title marks a player’s career like no other and establishes them in the annals of baseball history forever. Over the years, we have seen many competitive, high-drama moments in the month of October, but which is considered the best World Series ever? Using my own memory and compiled resources of MLB post season knowledge, I’ve constructed what I think is an accurate list of the top seven best World Series ever played.

Let’s get this started:

Number 7 on the best world series:

best world series ever

#7: Coming in at number seven on my list is in 1912 between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Giants. Fun fact about this series, they were actually eight games played. game two of the seven-game set was suspended due to darkness and ended in a tie, as this was before they had adequate lighting for night games above the field.

Pitcher Christy Matthewson of the New York Giants was by far the most valuable asset on either side during this series, as he pitched 28 2/3 innings and had a .94 ERA during the Fall Classic. Despite Matthewson‘s historic performance, the Giants ended up losing the series to the Red Sox by a score of three games to two. The final game went to extra innings but it was the Red Sox who came out on top after some crucial miss cues by giants fielders.

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