The Best World Series Ever: Our Ultimate List of Rankings

Number 2 on the best world series:

Remember when I said Joe Buck had made a similar call to his father but 20 years later, spoiler alert! In 1991, the Minnesota Twins faced off against the Atlanta Braves in a battle royale of a series that featured five one run games and three games that went into extra innings. Take a second to read that last sentence again because words do not properly do it justice, my goodness. Game Six of that series was an epic battle in itself as the Minnesota Twins faced elimination as the game stretched on to the 11th inning. That was when twins outfielder Kirby Puckett launched a walk-off homerun that triggered Jack Buck’s famous call “We will see you tomorrow night!” The next night Game Seven proved to be one of the greatest defensive baseball games of all time as both teams battled to a scoreless tie through nine innings. The tie was finally broken in the 10th on a single from Gene Larkin to give Minnesota the crown.

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