The Best World Series Ever: Our Ultimate List of Rankings

Number 3 on the best world series:

The 2011 World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers featuring one of the most surreal comebacks in recent memory. The unlikely hero David Freese, propelled the Cardinals to win the most coveted prize in major-league baseball in seven games. It was what he did in Game Six however which will go down in history. Game Six of the 2011 series is in the conversation for Best World Series Game of All Time. Down two runs, one strike away from elimination in the bottom of the ninth-inning Freese hit a frozen rope into right center and slid into third for a game tying to run triple. Then later on in the bottom of the 11th Freese blasted a homerun to dead center and Joe Buck had the call and proclaimed “We will see you tomorrow night,” which was eerily similar to a call his father Jack Buck had made 20 years earlier.

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