The Best World Series Ever: Our Ultimate List of Rankings

#6 of the Best World Series Ever: Tigers vs. Cardinals (1968)

In at number six, is 1968 between the Detroit Tigers and the St. Louis Cardinals. 1968 was considered the year of the picture with “sky-high” mounds and deep ballparks which really limited MLB offenses in a way not seen since the aforementioned Christy Matthewson was in his prime.

Bob Gibson posted a 1.12 ERA in the regular season, which at the time was a major league record for a full season ERA of a starting pitcher. In game one, Gibson’s reputation preceded him as he threw a shutout and struck out a whopping 17 batters. At one point in the series, St. Louis was up three games to one and all hope for the Detroit Tigers looked lost. The down-but-not-out Detroit Tigers ended up winning games five, six, and seven, and even beat the otherwise dominant Bob Gibson in the rubber match which made the ‘68 series one for the ages.

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