The Best World Series Ever: Our Ultimate List of Rankings

The Best World Series 

Well here we are. Number one on the list. I know many people have their opinions on which series should be in this spot. However, I don’t see how anything can beat a 108 year World Series drought by the Chicago Cubs that was snapped in 2016. In this World Series both teams astonishingly scored the same amount of runs. Whatever team was on the road dominated, with the road team winning five games in this series out of seven which is extremely rare in World Series history. The Cleveland Indians jumped out to a three games to one lead, which seems nearly insurmountable in the team game of baseball with so many independent and dependent variables each and every night. Cubs fans who had been waiting 108 years for this, after seeing their team go down three games to one they thought it was just another year of let downs and depression. Not only did the Cubs come all the way back to beat the Indians, they beat them at home in as good of a game seven that has ever been played in the history of the fall classic. Sports writer Jonah Keri wrote, “The Chicago Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians 8-7 in a mind-blowing, nerve-jangling, heart-stopping mess of a game, a 10-inning acid trip that tested the limits of your sanity, made baseball history and ended 108 years of anxiety.” Enough said.

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