They’re back! Wright-to-Phillies rumors heat up again

Those pesky David Wright-to-the-Phillies rumors made their way around Twitter again last night. In all honesty, the rumor is probably just that, a rumor. Unfortunately, rumors like these can get way out of hand fast. The rumored deal had David Wright being shipped to Philly in exchange for stud-outfield prospect Domonic Brown, Gold Glove winner Placido Polanco, pitching prospect Phillippe Aumont, and shortstop prospect Freddy Galvis.

I doubt this is legit, and frankly, this is the third time that a Wright-to-Philly rumor has made its rounds this offseason. Still,  I feel compelled to pass on the latest rumor since I had written about the original rumblings a few months back.

For the Phillies, the deal makes sense. They would be sending an often-injured third baseman, a prospect who is blocked at shortstop since Rollins just signed a new contract, a pitching prospect that was thought to be the closer of the future who is now blocked by Jonathan Papelbon, and an underachieving top prospect for Wright, who would fit nicely in the middle of the lineup, sandwiching Ryan Howard between himself and Hunter Pence. For the Mets, they would take their one true star left and send him to a division rival — but would get a shortstop , closer and outfielder for the future, as well as a veteran Gold Glover to replace Wright. I really do not see this happening, but if there really is some fire around this smoke that was everywhere last night, then I hope it happens soon. Nothing is more annoying than made up rumors.

Do you think this deal could/should happen?

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