The Yankees’ new second baseman: Russell Wilson

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Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson to the Yankees? What? You never know.

The Yankees’ new second baseman arrived in New York earlier this week from Seattle. No, Robinson Cano did not demand a trade from the Mariners … yet. The man the Bombers should target from the Pacific Northwest is Russell Wilson.

I know, I know. He’s going to be a little busy with a big football game this weekend. However, if Wilson happens to end his Sunday lifting up the Lombardi trophy, what is there really left for him to accomplish in the NFL?

Russell Wilson was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the fourth round in 2010 and played in their minor league system for two seasons. His stats weren’t even close to the stratosphere of a Cano. He batted a combined .229/.354/.356 with 19 steals in 93 games, but he was speedy and had great arm strength. Plus, his 5’ 11” frame, considered diminutive for a quarterback, is actually slightly large for a second baseman. (He could totally put Dustin Pedroia in his pocket.)

Let’s face it, the Yankees latest reclamation project Brian Roberts won’t play more than a handful of games at second before he bends down to tie his cleats one day and ends up with a season-ending hamstring injury. Russell Wilson is sturdy. He’s survived getting sacked on more than a few occasions this season.

He’d also be perfect as the next Yankees captain once Derek Jeter rides off into the pinstriped sunset in a couple of years. He’s good looking, charismatic and non-controversial. He’s mastered the art of the cliché-laden response, telling the interviewer absolutely nothing, all the while being perfectly polite. For example:

Reporter: How do the Yankees get back to the playoffs this year?

Wilson: As a team, we have to trust the process of our manager, Joe Girardi.

Reporter: What do you attribute the team’s recent winning streak to?

Wilson: The separation is in the preparation.

The Yankees, of course, will have to pry Russell Wilson away from the Texas Rangers, who selected him in the Rule 5 draft in December. Maybe they’ll take Alex Rodriguez back. But no matter. Those are just mere details that I’m sure the Yankees brass can work out. I only hope the addition of Russell Wilson won’t ruffle the feathers of the Bombers’ new pitching acquisition: Colin Kaepernick.

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