How to Get a New Partner into Baseball

There’s nothing better than sharing your love of baseball with your partner. However, if they don’t have an interest in the sport, or have never spent much time understanding it short of a game of catch at a family get together, you might have your work cut out for you if you want to recruit your partner to become a fan of America’s National Pastime. 

Teach Them the Game

Watching a sport where you struggle to understand what’s happening because you don’t know how it’s played can be quite frustrating. Spend some time teaching him or her the rules of the game and be patient while you’re watching. Avoid telling them to keep quiet during big important parts of the game and always be willing to explain why something happened or answer their questions. 

While you’re teaching them the game, tell them why you love the game and your favorite team. Think back to when you first started watching baseball and tell them stories about the players on your favorite team and get them to relate to the players and sport on a more personal level.

Watch Some Baseball Movies

Sports movies are a feel-good genre that is popular for a good reason. They offer a unique look into the sport and the adrenaline and motivations that go into winning the World Series of Baseball or another competition, all from the players’ perspectives.

They can also sometimes spend some time off the field, dramatizing both the on-field and off-field action, creating a personal connection with the game. Classic baseball films like Moneyball, Fever Pitch, and Million Dollar Arm should be high up on your to-watch list when you’re trying to get your new partner into baseball.

Try Sports Betting

While supporting your team might be all you need to feel the tension and desire to win, your partner who is just getting into the sport of baseball might need an extra push to feel like they have some skin in the game. Visiting an online sportsbook and putting down some money on your favorite team might help create that excitement for them, knowing if the team wins you stand to win some money back. You might even discover you have a knack for predicting the more obscure proposition bets and that might add some additional excitement for you too.

Take Them to a Game

There is honestly nothing like being at a ball game. Many of us associate specific smells or sounds with a day at the game and that kind of nostalgia is strong for us. Getting your new partner to understand what it’s like being in the crowd and feeling the energy of a close game or season-defining innings is something that is irreplaceable. Once they have a better understanding of the game, buying some good tickets and getting down to the baseball park is a must.

Simply sharing your passion with your partner is a wonderful way to bring you closer together and watching the game together is a really nice way to spend some quality time with them.

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